Plans and Prices

Score Diet Member Special

Annual membership fee: $50.
FREE Diet Coding, with Live Scan of your file
What you get with SD Membership:
Save $20.00 per month on Live Bio-Scan, Personal Diet Code, Tailored suggested daily eating Coded Mediterranean meal kits, recipes, and more.

Choose your diet food plan

Three diet food plan to your Diet Code; AWeight loss from: $10. per day, $12. for nonmember B-Nutrition therapy from $16.50 per day. $18, for non member C-Dual weight and nutrition therapy by category, Inquire.
A – Weight loss basic, 2 week meal kits and ready snacks from : $189.
B- Nutrition therapy, 2 week meal kit and ready snack from: $305.
C- Dual weight and nutrition meals* 2 week meal kit breakfast lunch & snack: $425. unlimited intake digital check, and referral. * Choose your category: immune, pre-diabetes, cardio, bone, memory.

Catering Mediterranean Diet: weekly meal plan, corporate catering, Diet Meal Kit

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