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Our enthusiasm in Mediterranean living continues from the time we grew up in the region. However, it was kept personal to the family and friends use until the startling discovery of Pyramid Builders Tomb by Dr. ZahieHawass Chief Egyptologist of Egypt. This discovery sheds the light on the builders’ eating regimen then known as the elite diet a living style dictated by the royal palace for this site residents. Supporting evidence came from scan results, scroll translations, and engraved messages on the walls reveal the nutrition science behind the living pattern, and some secrets of holistic wellness.                                                          

National health register “NHR” adopted Mediterranean health pattern to enrich our modern life especially to handle fat and gluten in the American food making and enhance natural living. It was later developed into the Score Diet life changing health, nutrition platform. Led by bahiga el haggar, NHR made Score Diet “SD” the world’s first medical grade technology available to healthcare. “NHR” a Medicare provider licensed health and nutrition agency in Los Angeles County offers service to consumer small or, medium size business, academe, institutions, and serve the medical community.


Bio-Scans one’s nutrition files risks-Pre authorized, is value digital screening delivers Diet Code scan checked to tailor daily eating, verify intake, track nutrition, and educates. You no longer have to choose between pay for nutrition file and live healthy. With SD you have 90% chances to reach weight health goals.                        

For provider

Healthcare partner provider can replace nutrition screening with novel screening and diet coding services via Provider Network.  Savvy application saves time avoids liability and improves care outcome. Feedback indicates that SD Digital nutrition can reduce 34% of healthcare over utilization. Sign up 

NHR Services:                                                                                                       

  • Consultation, weight management, health coaching, disease prevention,
  • Nutrition scanning,
  • Diet coding,
  • Diet food plan, code verified
  • Digital intake check,
  • Dieter’s support,
  • Referral. 
National health register “NHR” a Medicare provider launched easy nutrition platform dhs approved technology Score Diet “SD” saves time. NHR is licensed health and nutrition agency in Los Angeles County. We offer service to consumer and small or, medium size business, academe, and serve the medical community via Nutrition Provider Network.


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