Score Diet electronic nutrition screening replaced the Once only, for hospitals service. Easy Nutrition Screening is Now available for all dieters. Electronic Live Bio- Scan fast dhs approved technology is pre authorized, HIPPA compliant, delivers FREE Diet Code, is doctors recommended to manage weight, and personalize nutrition therapy.
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You no longer have to choose between paying for nutrition file and live healthy. Convenient Live Bio-Scans/ pre authorized delivers personal Diet Code digitally. Use your code to tailor daily eating track nutrition find Mediterranean wellness avoid un dietary risks; malnutrition, loss of muscle mass/ weaken heart, and vision

What you get with Score Diet SD:

-Expert consultation for your weight and dietary needs,
-Fast Live Bios-Scan analysis, no lab fee,
-FREE Diet Code,
-Tailored daily food plans to your Code,
– Mediterranean weight loss and healthy living,

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