Provider Network

Join revolutionary Nutrition Provider Network offers unique opportunity for immediate and future improvement. Grow business traffic get, credentialed on novel technology, beat the competition, overcome practice challenges and win client loyalty. Today’s nutritionists dietitians can reduce operational cost meet the emerging needs.
As a member of the network you can increase market share from multiple segments; consumer, employers, small and medium size business, institutions, academe, and the community. Participating member can get referral, digital access on exclusive nutrition therapy database with 2,200 clinical protocols by category, get invitation to events, and more.

Member Benefits:

Increase business traffic, Get certificated on nutrition technology Save on operational cost, Avoid liability, improve success rate, Receive discount on orders.
Membership levels:
A-Certified provider individual practitioner, and clinics
Tasks; -order client profile scan, -request client’s file coding, -receive tracking report, -gets discount on orders. Sign up
Upgrade, access therapy protocols from our 2,200 data base. request a quote
B-Licensed partner at service location Technology partners with various specialties health care food retailers can get licensed for qualified location to serve the public. Hospital, institution, health & wellness, sports/ fitness and related operations when meet license conditions.
Qualification requirements -approved and open to the public business site, -compliant with city & municipality laws, -participant in nutrition scanning equipment on site, -employs trained certified staff, -provides easy access to the services at announced hours, -supplies retail health food products, -organizes events and/ or, sponsors community activity.
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