National Health Register licensure offers health nutrition and education since 2005 focused on issues of the millennial. It offers non-emergency care for disease prevention weight management wellness and evidence based healthy living. Dietary- plant sourced diet/lifestyle holistic tools and the proprietary easy nutrition for all model. Our model is guided by the life changing health and nutrition innovative technology Live Bio-Scan dhs approved, HIPPA compliant the doctors recommend.
Live Bio-Scan replaced Once, Only for hospital nutrition screening is Now accessible to dieters. New technology simplifies delivers user’s Diet Code digitally to save time, avoid lab fee, tailor daily healthy eating, know in depth nutrition, find Mediterranean wellness, and achieve health and weight goals.
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We serve small, medium size business, medical community/ nutritionist dietician, holistic, fitness, and health food retailers. Our education is offered by the subsidiary Institute of Integrated nutrition and Culinary Art IINCA.
Services include:

Dietary Health

  • Health consultation, health coaching,
  • Weight management, nutrition therapy by category,
  • Live Bio-Scan nutrition files analysis,
  • Digital Diet Coding,
  • Tailored daily diet food plan to one’s code,
  • Referral.

                                         Get your Diet Code,

Integrated Holistic Health

  • Complementary plant sourced dieting,
  • Memory collection and retaining,
  • Stress reduction,
  • Pain manipulation,
  • Mood problem solutions

Licensing and re-certification are available for institutions.

Continuing Education
Register’s program boosts learner marketability in areas of emerging dietary technology including technique, digital nutrition. Career trainees update for nutrition technician job. Healthy kitchen training prepares chefs bridges science & culinary art. Upon completion of each class learner is awarded our recognized certificate  receive own Diet Code. Student can join class while enrolled in allied health courses. Inquire about scholarship.


  1. CME continued medical education.
  2. Certified nutrition technician.    
  3. CME healthy kitchen chef preparation

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