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Live healthy, and be in the know is our goal. ABOVE ALL OTHERS, this ID diet introduces “Polarized Metrics” science-based solution. This virtual tool helps consumer in home and remote locations to have accurate self validated pretest assessment of needs or, risk with medical quality guaranteed personal match protects privacy you can use anywhere.

We provide for your weight and health needs starting with self assessment, get safe dieting intake safety check coding, and personalized immune therapy. This application saves time conveniently reveals the scores level of your needs or risk on a scale of 0-100 sent to your cell phone. FDA approves fast tools including in home sample collection for lab work, Tele-health technology, etc.

Assess your needs:

  • Book a consultation appointment,
  • Self-valuate needs on line using your fingerprint ID cell phone,
  • Enter the personal information on your device,
  • Click process now,
  • Configured level of score results will be sent to your cell phone.
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Processed data with configured level of score results will be sent to your cell phone to start your diet.

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Self - Assessment

Virtual personal assessment pretest is now possible with the cell phone ID system. Cell phone ID sets are easy to self-validate/ get needs assessment for nutrition, risk assessment for prevention, and post care for healing. Receive your assessed score fast, and get accurate results sent to your phone anywhere.

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